About Us

The Buildings

The First Congregational Church of Ashfield was organized February 22, 1763, when fifteen people gathered at the home of Ebenezer Belding on Bellus Road.

The first church building was completed in 1771 and was located in the front portion of Plain Cemetery. The building was in use until a larger one was erected in 1812 at the Steady Lane Cemetery. Circa 1865, this second building was moved from Steady Lane to Main Street. It now serves as Ashfield’s Town Hall.

The building in which we currently hold our church services was erected in 1856, after division in the congregation led to the formation of a Second Congregational Church. Ashfield’s two Congregational churches reunited in 1868.

There have been major sanctuary renovations in 1895 and in 1945. Other changes include the building of Friendship Hall in 1886 and the addition of classrooms for Christian education in 1957.

The Congregation

Consistent with the Congregational Church tradition, The First Congregational Church of Ashfield is led by God’s spirit acting through the people who have gathered in this place to worship God. These people have responded to a calling to do God’s work, seek God’s presence, and support one another in mutual love. The church is formed by a covenant, a sacred promise, in which its members pledge their support to one another in their common efforts to be God’s people.

The congregation owns its own property, sets it own directions, and chooses to associate with other churches for mutual benefits. In 1957, The First Congregational Church of Ashfield joined other Congregational Churches in affiliating with the recently formed United Church of Christ.

The current congregation continues to serve God through a variety of ministries. Foremost is its commitment to corporate worship. By proclaiming on each Sabbath Day that God’s presence in our lives is vital, we ground ourselves in the way shown us by Jesus of Nazareth.